Three Main Focus Areas to Ensure a Facility Is Complying With HIPAA Regulations

Running a medical facility is a lucrative endeavor, but the vast array of regulations that a healthcare provider must abide by often creates challenges and expense. One of the most critical requirements protects a patient's sensitive health information, commonly known as HIPAA. Rather than hoping they are compliant, more practice owners are choosing to hire a company that provides HIPAA Compliance Services in Wichita to help them steer clear of a variety of fines and fees that result from non-compliance.

Policies and Procedures

While there are federal guidelines that a company must adhere to, these regulations do little to create a roadmap that ensures compliance. A consultant group will work with an organization to develop a variety of internal policies and procedures that govern how every level of a staffing team should carry out their day-to-day tasks and address the steps that follow in the event of a data breach. If an incident does occur, many companies find that governing agencies are willing to reduce penalties if a company has viable policies and procedures in place.

Incident Management

It is devastating to learn of a data breach, but the key to reducing the overall fallout is a fast response. A HIPAA compliance agency will work with a medical facility to manage any incidents that occur and contact the proper authorities while ensuring future data breaches don't happen. It is vital to take action beforehand and create an incident management plan before disaster strikes.

Document Templates

Continuity in data is the first line of defense against a HIPAA violation, and the use of templates ensures each employee uses the same process when entering data. Not only does this help to streamline the process of interpreting healthcare information, it guarantees that each staff person is aware of their responsibilities. Let a consultant examine a company's current HIPAA structure and create a system that will ensure long-term compliance.

If the stress of a HIPAA violation creates undue anxiety, don't fret. The team at Integris Technology Group is standing by to help a healthcare provider make sense of HIPAA regulations and ensure compliance. Check out their site to learn more or call today to arrange for a facility audit.